Definition of the word “Gap” on Google is: “An unfilled space or interval; a break in continuity.”

The definition of GAPS in the SAMCO world is: Gaps in American Product Supply.

GAPS in SAMCO’s particular case it is different. We have a few GAPS that we’re continually trying to bridge. We are a Truly American Made Motorcycle and with every build, every rendition we will continually make improvements to become more and more pure until we are absolute, 100%. Our goal is to become and maintain 100% American Made in every aspect.

We will be posting upon our GAPS area of the site items needed to be procured from companies in America.

In addition, SAMCO with its entrepreneurial spirit of innovation welcomes suppliers to challenge our current component supply. We invite alternative sources of supply challenging the status quo inspiring innovation. All companies thrive upon innovation as a lifeblood and natural to evolution.

To become a SAMCO supplier of Components or anything for that matter it’s very important that you meet our supplier criteria. We’re always looking for options to drive our product towards our goal of ultimate quality with 100% American purity.

Here are some of the supplier criteria:

1. American companies producing their goods in America. I.e. An American company manufactures the majority of its finished goods for SAMCO with American Made components and also assembles them in America. For instance one of our suppliers uses American Made castings and lenses in their finished product. Some of the electrical components within are foreign as they are not available in America (yet!).

2. In the case where a component cannot be procured from our American criteria, we will then search for and entertain components from historically friendly nations to the US for the past 100 years. Countries such as England, Canada and Australia first come to forefront. We hope any foreign component procurement will be only an interim solution until a quality American component can replace it. Preferably these interim goods would be purchased through an American distributor providing some economic benefit to Americans.