Motorcycle Components

Radial Master Cylinder Nissin replacement and Brembo replacements.

Rear Brake Master Cylinder Nissin replacement

Rear Radial Brake Caliper Replace single piston Brembo.

Hand Guards with LED signals within the guards. DOT approval a benefit.

Switches Replace Buell switches as we cannot verify their origin.

Wiring Harness Supplier Must build to specifications using American made materials wherever possible

Motorcycle Horn Loud enough to overcome the V-Twin.


Boots Waterproof, Knee high, Adventure Class Design using American Leather, aggressive stance soles by Vibram USA, Biltwell or other high quality sole manufacturers. Waterproof and new style ski boot style closures.

Helmet American made Full Face helmet meeting DOT standards.

Lifestyle Products

Straight Razor for Shaving Made from high quality American Steel in the USA


If you or your company is a producer of American Made products please tell us what they are.  If we see a fit between our companies or if we have an idea of where your goods may be of value, we will make suggestions or try to create a contact of worthiness for you.  Our overall intention is to create commercial circles or communities within the United States of America.